COMPAGNIA ITALIANA was founded back in 1994 by the Italian Entrepreneur Marco Ferrone. The brand raised great awareness since the beginning thanks to its rich offer and high-quality fashion proposal both in Italy and abroad. In a very short time its collections have become a favorite of many contemporary working women. Constantly evolving, COMPAGNIA ITALIANA is today A BRAND WITH A GLAMOUR APPROACH, ADDRESSED TO ECLECTIC AND FEARLESS WOMEN WHO NEVER GIVE UP SHOWING THEIR UNIQUE, RECOGNIZABLE AND ALWAYS UP-TO-DATE FASHION STYLE. The choice among various prints, the wearability of shirts and blouses, and the impeccable cut of its outerwear characterize COMPAGNIA ITALIANA. Natural organic and soft materials such as silks, jersey, cotton, and wool are the main fabrics used in the collections, always keeping an eye on new trends and innovation.